Pictures Fundraising

Pictures Fundraising

One of the best fundraising ideas today is pictures fundraising.

If you can organize a group of 5 to 10 folks in your group to sell 10 family portrait certificates, you can do this fundraiser easily.  Each certificate will sell for $10 and YOU KEEP THE $10!!  A no risk fundraiser for you.  You raise the funds and your participants receive a FREE beautiful family portrait.  We have a network of nationwide professional photographers ready to come to your location.

Book your Date:  Call 877-526-1967 to talk to a representative to receive your portrait fundraiser kit full of all the information you will need to get started.  The kit will include certificates, scheduling sheets, sign up sheets, rules and supplies.

People love pictures fundraising because it represents a fundraiser that can capture a moment in time to be cherished forever.  Unlike other fundraisers that focus on selling a consumable product, pictures last forever.  That is what is so unique and special about this type of fundraising.  You walk into a person’s home and you see pictures everywhere.  You see them on the walls on book shelves and in photo albums.  Pictures represent a family’s history.  They memorialize the family and the stages of life that the children go through.  Organizations continue year after year to do pictures fundraising because people love to have family pictures that they can pass down from one generation to the next.    800-955-4208picture fundraising banner fam 5 Pictures Fundraising

Pictures Fundraising brings community together.

Churches, schools, and other organizations enjoy this fundraiser as opposed to others because it is a timeless product that people cherish for decades.  Pictures Fundraising also brings the community together to work towards a common goal of raising funds.  This is just such a unique way of raising funds.  There is no product to sell and inventory to keep. You are merely just focusing on spreading the word to family members, friends, co-workers that a photographer is coming to your location to take fabulous pictures.  The cost to them is nominal.  Only $10.00 to get a picture that would cost five times that if you went to a local studio.  And the best thing is you keep the profit.  Not only that but you can earn additional profits based on the number of families that are photographed.
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Mother Approved Fundraiser Idea is Picture Fundraising
It truly is a safe and simple fundraiser that people love.  Pictures fundraising really sells itself as long as you ask people.  Folks are always hounding everyone to buy something.  Whether it is candy, cookie dough, or hoagies.  Those type of fundraisers have little profit unless you do a huge volume.  You have to sell 100’s in order to make any substantial profit.  Pictures fundraising allows and organization to make money in a quick fashion.  Once you receive the certificates for the free picture offer it usually only takes 3 or 4 weeks to sell and schedule everyone.  It really is that simple.  Plus people truly love pictures and our so excited that this is a way they can earn money while getting a product that they will save forever.portrait fundraisers Pictures Fundraising

How Does the Family Picture Fundraising Work?

Our photography fundraiser is very simple and will take very little work to prepare and execute.  Even a very small motivated group of individuals can see big profits.  Just sell certificates for a ten minute photography session for a $10 donation to your organization.  Your participants will then receive a beautiful full color 10×13 Family Picture.  1 or 2 motivated coordinators who will handle the scheduling of the families will also receive a portrait package for free.  Our network of professional nationwide photographers will come to your location and photograph each family that purchased a certificate.  Because this is such a great product and opportunity for your families, a limit of one certificate per household and family shall be sold for the promotional Free 10×13 family portrait.  The professional photographer will take all the necessary extra poses of you and your family that will be available to view and purchase optionally on the selected viewing date.


Choose picture fundraising for your next fundraising event.   If you can schedule families for a weekend event, you can make $2,000!

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How Much Money Can You Make?

You will earn 100% of the certificate sales of $10 per family purchase.  In addition, we offer amazing Bonuses that your group could qualify for based on the number of different families that are scheduled and photographed.  You and your organization have the potential to earn 300% profit from the family picture fundraiser.  Try to find that anywhere else in the fundraising world!

Simple and easy fundraiser idea for any church or organization is Family Portrait Fundraiser.What Customer Can Expect Pictures Fundraising

Book your Date:  Call 877-526-1967 to talk to a representative to receive your portrait fundraiser kit full of all the information you will need to get started.  The kit will include certificates, scheduling sheets, sign up sheets, rules and supplies.